C A M   G R A N T 

Cam Grant is an underwater photographer residing on the Hawaiian Islands utilizing his passion and creative perspective to inspire positive action on behalf of our ocean and its inhabitants. Born and raised in the state of Colorado, Cam has always been submerged in nature. His connection to ocean was born surfing the shorelines of California and slowly led to him further west to the most remote island chain in the world. His love for photography became a tool to change perspective and highlight the beauty that lies beneath the surface. Working on the West Side of Oahu with various pelagic species has allowed him to share experience and knowledge with people from all corners of the world. His love for the ocean continues to grow. Having traveled over 20 countries and countless oceans, Cam has built an understanding of the current state of our ocean ecosystems throughout the globe. Strengthening the connection between people and nature has become his ultimate goal. By sharing visually stimulating imagery from numerous marine interactions, he hopes to leave every person with a deep sense of appreciation for the natural world.

Affiliates // Faraway Seas - One Ocean Diving - Mo'orea Moana Tours - Ma'o Mana Foundation 

Cam and his wife, Kayleigh, run wildlife expeditions across the globe to help connect individuals with the ocean and the life that resides beneath the surface. The ocean has become their foundation and they strive to share their experiences with others while speaking up for those that don't have a voice. For more information on upcoming expeditions and travel please select "expeditions" located under the website menu or visit farawayseas.com 

Much aloha from Hawaiian Islands 

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